How to remove a Private Caveat?

Private caveat will expire after six (6) years. Removal of a private caveat before its expiry could be made by following methods:

1. Withdrawal by the Caveator himself by filling Form 19G (National Land Code, Section 325) with Land Office;

2. Removal by Registrar whereby any person whose interest is bound by a private caveat may apply for its removal (National Land Code, Section 326);

3. Removal by Court order, after successfully challenged by a Caveatee under Section 327 of the National Land Code.

For those that lodged private caveat wrongly or without reasonable justification; or refuse to withdraw the private caveat when being asked by the Caveatee, then they could be liable for a compensation to the Caveatee or any person who thereby adversely affected by the lodgement of such private caveat. (National Land Code, Section 329).

Removal of private caveat is not a complex legal procedure, but it may be disputable and subsequently involve a series of legal issues. Hence, CONSULT YOUR LAWYER today on the procedures and laws on lodgement and removal of private caveat if you have encountered the said problem.

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