The Need of Corporate Legal Advisor Service for Business Owner

Corporate Legal Advisor Service
In an age of steadily closer scrutiny of the internal and business affairs of companies, the landscape in which corporations must exist is increasingly challenging.

For companies, thriving in and successfully navigating this landscape requires access to deeply thought-out and futuristic corporate legal advice. This is why corporations retain the services of experienced corporate advisors who can provide the legal advice and support they need to grow.

At Alan Kang & Co., we understand that the risks of business alone are weighty enough. Companies do not need to add compliance, regulatory, contractual and other legal burdens to the catalogue of risks they must bear.

We provide corporate and commercial legal advice to Malaysian incorporated and foreign owned businesses operating in Malaysia. The focus of our corporate legal advisory services is simple – to make business easier and less risky for you.

Our corporate and commercial law attorneys are the best at what they do. With our experience and skill, we are able to provide legal solutions and advice that not only help our clients navigate a challenging business environment but also help them get ahead of the competition.

Why You Need a Corporate Legal Advisor

Although many businesses are aware of the value that a corporate legal advisor can bring, the potentials of having external legal counsel in this position escape some.

Maintaining a legal department will often be an expensive endeavor, as this means that the company must hire permanent professionals to man the department. However, the costs of this strategy can be quite considerable though as it means you must take on the responsibility of salaries, benefits and other expenses.

Retaining external legal counsel can prove more beneficial in the long run, as the company does not have maintain a full-time legal department. This reduces costs and provides potentially greater benefits in the long run.

Importantly, an external corporate legal advisor will often have the benefit of experience in a wide range of transactions. Since they work with several companies at a time, they can bring a wider breath of knowledge and greater depth of expertise to your transactions and operations.

Even where you already have a legal department, your corporate legal advisor can still provide valuable, specialized knowledge regarding your corporate and commercial concerns.

This combines the resources of your legal department with the specialist knowledge of your external legal advisor for the best results on your transactions.

How a Corporate Legal Advisor Can Help

At Alan Kang & Co, we structure our corporate law practice areas around the core aspects where we can offer the most value for our clients. With services covering regulatory, compliance, internal and compliance aspects, our aim is to provide full bodied advice to our clients.

We specialize in providing a range of services backed by expert knowledge of the law and practice of corporate law in Malaysia. We are able to provide assistance to companies in many areas including the following:
  • Commercial contracts & advisory: It is crucial to obtain expert advice on contracts and transactions before finalizing them. This ensures that your business is not exposed to undue risk from your business partners.
  • Corporate compliance & regulatory approvals: We provide assistance with review, advice and procurement of critical regulatory approvals for your company. We also advice on compliance procedures so you are always in line with the law.
  • Mergers & acquisitions: When they are not properly carried out, mergers and acquisitions can become problematic. To ensure that you are getting the best deal possible, a corporate legal advisor can conduct the necessary due diligence and scrutinize relevant documents to secure your advantage.
  • Startups / Company incorporation: Incorporation processes and post-incorporation obligations can prove daunting for business just starting on their corporate journey. We provide advice and assistance to business at this stage.
  • Foreign investment: The business opportunities in Malaysia are varied and exciting. For individuals and businesses looking to explore these opportunities, we routinely act as local counsel providing critical advice on the scene of each transaction.
  • Venture capital & private equity: Advice and assistance relating to investments and interests in corporate assets. A corporate legal advisor can offer expertise to help ensure that these investments are profitable.
  • IPO, corporate finance and capital markets: Capital formation and corporate finance are critical for businesses seeking investments from private investors and the general public. We can assist with this.
  • Projects & infrastructure: As a crucial subset of commercial contracts, deal structuring is just as important as picking the deal in the first place. A corporate legal advisor can help companies ensure they are placing their bets right.
Outside counsel and corporate advisory services

The responsibilities of navigating the corporate environment can often be overwhelming, especially for companies that are in their nascent stages. Whether you are a startup that has been newly incorporated as a company or that is currently exploring corporate structuring options, outside counsel will be crucial.

Businesses at this stage are still at the point where they must be lean, agile and flexible enough to deal with challenges as they arise. Burdening your young corporation with the costs of an in-house legal department will not make much sense for your business at this stage.

Alan Kang & Co. assists businesses at this point with their compliance, regulatory and advisory needs to ensure they can grow at their pace and scale as rapidly as they need to. Although we are remote from your internal structure, our integrated services ensure that we function efficiently as part of the whole that is your business.
Corporate litigation and dispute resolution services

We also provide companies with efficient dispute resolution services. When disputes arise in relation to business relationships and transactions, these can threaten to spill over and affect your business.

Experienced corporate legal advisors can assess your dispute and recommend the most efficient and least disruptive ways to settle. Often, business disputes require a nuanced approach that focuses on methods that preserve the business advantage and relationship between the parties. We can recommend suitable alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation and arbitration.

Where necessary, we can also provide litigation services to fight for your business rights in a court of law. In certain circumstances, there will be no other option but to insist on your rights and enforce these through litigation.

When this is the case, we stand ready to provide our litigation experience to assert your position in court and secure a positive outcome for your corporation.

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Having handy corporate legal advice can make the difference for your company in most circumstances. In the same way, it can be the deciding factor that impacts negatively on your company’s opportunities when your competitors have their own corporate legal advice but you did not. 

In all, it makes the most sense for you to retain an expert that will always be on hand to cater to your company’s corporate and commercial needs. To explore how we can help you, contact Alan Kang & Co. at +60379727223 to begin a conversation today. 

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